"How to Eat Your Own Heart"Catapult, 2021 

"Human Hearts" - The Kenyon Review, May/June 2021 - Longlisted in the CRAFT Elements Contest

"The Fruits of Sin" - Pleiades, Summer 2021

"Honey and Sun" - Gulf Coast, Winter/Spring Issue, March 2021

"The Love Song of the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat" - F(r)iction, Legacy Issue, March 2021 - Finalist in the Ploughshares Emerging Writer's Contest, judged by Kirstin Valdez Quade 

"Waters" - Fugue, Spring Issue, March 2021


The praying mantis lives in a small but well-furnished and moderately priced studio apartment in an oak tree overlooking a baseball field in the park where, on warm spring days, she hears the crack of a bat and the faraway roar of a crowd she doesn't pay attention to.

"Mantis" - Wigleaf, February 2021

I recently bought a sequined romper. It's not very practical or comfortable, which was sort of the point, because after months of existing primarily in sweatpants, I crave the voluntary discomfort of glamour from time to time, as a kind of reminder that I still have a body.

PostcardWigleaf, February 2021 - Mythic Picnic Pick for February

When I am eight years old, I am a girl who would rather hide than seek, a girl who fears bullies and teachers and loud noises and speaking in public and God. I am overweight for my age group, friendless, and known for thick glasses and dark overalls, which I wear because my mother is exasperated with my clumsiness and tendency toward spillage.

"Rabbit Heart" - Waxwing, October 2020

The sky was a soft gray that signaled impending snow, a hush like a dome over everything. Ice crystals formed on the windshield, and you drew smiley faces and hearts and practiced writing your name backwards on the window with your finger. 

"Beach Day" - Jellyfish Review, August 2020

She would begin the story in the same way each time. “A long, long time ago, there lived a green frog who always did the exact opposite of what his mother asked. If she asked him to go to the market to fetch rice, he’d go down to the valley and take a nap. If she told him to stay near the river, he would go up to the mountains.” 

"Green Frog" - Split Lip Magazine, August 2020 - Named a Longform Fiction Pick of the Week

Interview about the story for Split Lip Magazine
Also for Split Lip Magazine: why "I Have Nothing" has been my song of choice during quarantine

The party was over. Mia Chang, thirty-six and in the first flush of what would, in a few years, become a full-blown midlife crisis, stood over the kitchen sink, surreptitiously smoking a cigarette out the window. 

"After the Party" - VIDA Review, Issue 3, July 2020​​

Creative Nonfiction

Every year, I forget how much I love summer in New York City, how much the relentless heat and smells of the season can transport me to summer past, to versions of myself that I’m really just an acquaintance to now. In the summer, I can suddenly remember every corner of this city that I’ve ever cried in, every subway stop I’ve journeyed to in search of the next thing that was supposed to change my life, every small humiliation or heartbreak that I thought would kill me but didn’t. 
"In Remembrance of Summer" - LIT Magazine, June 2020


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