PRH/Vintage, April 11, 2023

A coming-of-age novel about a 30-year-old Korean American woman tossed overboard by heartbreak and loss who has to find her way back to stable shores when the giant Pacific octopus she looks after is set to be sold.

“Gina Chung’s Sea Change is both elegant and jagged, sharp and lush. It’s so utterly original, with Chung’s rich and rewarding prose guiding and charting new territory in love and grief and growth. This novel about settling into yourself, changing alongside your family, eclipsing expectations, and searching for hope in infinitude is humorous and ruminative, transcending genres entirely. Chung’s writing is masterful, and Sea Change is glorious.”
Bryan Washington, author of Memorial and Lot


“There are no limits to what Chung can do.  Her prose is so immersively beautiful that at times I felt swept away in a wave, admiring from underwater, her scintillating refractions of light.  Chung’s debut is a kaleidoscope of originality.  She will enchant you.” 
Weike Wang, author of Joan is Okay


Sea Change tugged at my heart and refused to let go. With tenderness and perceptiveness, Chung deftly navigates family, loss, friendship and the intricacies of love, especially for ourselves. Between giant Pacific octopuses and humans, this remarkable debut reminds us that we are not so different–all of us hoping to be witnessed, all of us striving to surface through our loneliness to connect, even when we know nothing is permanent.”
Elaine Hsieh Chou, author of Disorientation



PRH/Vintage, January 2024

A collection of short stories that explore themes of Korean American womanhood, bodies, and animals.